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Snoodle's Tale is a very special fairy tale, which teaches a lesson in self-esteem. Snoodle tells the touching story of Snoodle Doo, a young Snoodle from the land of Galoots. When Snoodle Doo is born, he discovers that he's been given a brush for painting, a horn for playing music, and wings for flying! But every time he tries to do these things, the other Snoodles make fun of him and weigh him down with pictures of how silly he looks. Only when Snoodle Doo meets his creator face-to-face does he learn an important lesson: "We can't draw our self image from our peers," Big Idea founder Phil Vischer said. "We need to draw it from our Creator -- because only the one who made us can see us the way we truly are. Only when you see yourself as God sees you do you have a true picture!"


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