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Twenty-seven years old, unemployed, recently dumped and overall discouraged by the dreary reality that is his adulthood, Webster goes home declaring a do-over. Displaying symptoms of Peter Pan syndrome, Webster is determined to finish a goal he made at age twelve and attempts to build and live in a tree house for twenty-three hours a day for ninety-two days - the length of summer. He encounters a precocious young boy, an inept mailman and the forlorn married girl next door. An unusual bond forms between Webster and his three neighbors that begins to resemble a friendship. As the four tackle their awkward limbo between hope and disappointment, the Santa Isabel draws them together to end their search. Quirky, addictive characters with a subtle but catchy soundtrack, this sincere and damaged comedy will leave you salivating for summer days and simpler dreams.

Parte 1
Parte 1

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